Hardware wallet

As you are intrested in having bitcoins or other crypto currencies, you should care about the security of your coins. As popularity grows overtime, and more and more people will be using crypto coins, also the intrest grows of people that want to steal your coins. There are some things to consider. Its might look very easy to keep your coins on an exchange. But exchanges are companies , and can be closed down for financial or technical reasons. If it happens unexpected you can lose your coins there. So always move your coins to a place where you are in control of your coins yourself. This mostly means you install a wallet on your computer, and move the coins there. If you have your coins there you should care about making backups of the wallet.dat files , for the case that you lose control over your computer, a harddisc crash for example.

But there are might be other riscs. When you use your computer for more then just keeping your wallets. Your computer can be infected with some malware, that is looking for your coins. So what might look like a very safe place on your own computer, be very carefull about your coins there.

Now you might ask, is there really no safe place for coin? And that's where the hardware wallets come in. With a hardware wallet , your private keys are stored in a device that is not accesable without knowing the personal key you put on it.

So in short , if you want to keep your coins in a really safe place you should use a hardware wallet.

The most well known two hardwallets are produced by Ledger Wallet and Trezor

On these websites you can read a lot how they implment all kinds of security. There is a lot to read, because these companies have only one purpose, building hardware that creates the safest place possible for your coin.